Ask the Cleaning Services Expert – Tanya Brittain

Ask the Cleaning Services Expert – Tanya Brittain Be careful with the choice of company you choose to deal with!  Ask lots of questions, including a list of referrals!  Be certain of what you are being offered or promised and be wary of signing contracts on a whim and a promise.  Understand the commitments of […]

Ask the Cleaning Services Expert – Tanya Brittain

A clean home is a healthy home! Having a professional maid service coming in on a regular basis can help you in your busy world to keep your family healthy. Places around the home such as light-switches, door handles and telephone receivers should be disinfected regularly. Dust build up can irritate allergies. Pets in the […]

Ask the Central Vacuum Expert – Wayne Freeland

You cannot control the amount or frequency that dust enters and collects in your home. You can, however, control how and where you remove it! Most portable and some built-in vacuums do not because of ineffective filtering systems. DYNOVAC’s unique cyclonic air separator does the job it’s supposed to do. It takes the find dust, […]

Ask the Central Vacuum Experts – Wayne Freeland

Since a vacuum is an essential home appliance, it’s not deciding whether you need one that is the challenge, but more what type of vacuum is best for your particular need. Come and talk to us and we can help you make the right decision. Central Vacuums A central vacuum system can cost less than […]