Ask the Alberta Legislature Expert – Ric McIver


Ask the Alberta Legislature Expert – Ric McIver

Be proud of Alberta, Premier!

In mid-September, our premier referred to Alberta as “the embarrassing cousin,” of other jurisdictions for environmental reasons.  This is from the person we are all depending on to promote Alberta on the national and world stage to protect Alberta jobs and our economy. The facts are that we have among the world’s highest standards for environmental protection particularly as compared to other energy producing regions and are constantly upgrading those standards.

Many readers will work in businesses and industries that put significant time and resources into meeting Alberta’s high standards. Are we perfect? Of course not. Are we among the best? Yes we are.

At the end of November and into December, our province will send ministers and officials to the World Climate Summit in Paris, France. The PC caucus will be pushing government to remember Albertans are paying for their travel and to remember to defend Alberta while encouraging the rest of the world to understand what a good system we have and learning how we can further improve while protecting the quality of life in Alberta. You can search COP21 or Paris2015 for more info.

One of the PC Party principals is “Stewardship of our Environment.” We are committed to this.

I can think of no more important issues than jobs and the environment. They should never be mutually exclusive in the formation of government policy.

Why has Alberta’s government who should be the biggest cheerleader for Alberta, chosen to trash our reputation nationally and internationally rather than build it up? Is this for the benefit of the people? Will it bring jobs and prosperity to our province? If so, how? If not, who is benefitting? I invite you to ask as my colleagues and I have been and to share any information or advice you have with me.

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