Ask the Chronic Pain Expert – Kaylynn Gebauer

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Ask the Chronic Pain Expert – Kaylynn Gebauer

Make Your Own Pain Scale

Firstly you need to pick what to journal. There are a variety of things to journal such as: moods, physical pain, experienced pain, sleep, concentration, or food habits. Only pick one at a time.

Next is making a scale and sticking to it. There are various scales that can be found online. Here is an example of my personal pain scale:

10 – “Make it stop” The worst pain imaginable.

9 – “I’m useless” Regular intervals of maximum painkillers.

8 – “I need to take it slow” To complete functions like eating, sleeping, or walking requires some sort of regular pain meds and even then I’m short of temper.

7 – “I’ve had to take something to take the edge off.”  I’m not the happiest person in the world, but I can do what I need to. Major avoidance of bright lights.

6 – “I don’t feel so good” Concentration issues.

5 – “I’ll survive” Pain is apparent even when concentrating on other things.

4 – “I’m okay” Pain becomes noticeable when I stop directly concentrating on other things.

3 – Some pain. Pain becomes noticeable when I do relaxing things like sleep.

2 – Low pain. Only noticeable when I stop and concentrate.

1 – No noticeable pain. This usually involves giggling uncontrollably and drooling from over medication.

I also have an 11, which is code for doctor/hospital. An example is breaking a bone, would probably be an 8 in my scale, but I should see a doctor.

I post mine on the bathroom mirror. This allows me to keep consistent and is a reminder when I’m journaling. Let your family ask how you are feeling and practice giving a number, it will help reinforce your scale and let people around you know how you really are.

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