Ask the Granite Expert- Rob Carey

Happy New Year! A new year, time for new beginnings! Maybe it’stime to complete some of those renovation projects you’ve been putting off? Granite Transformations is here to help! With our cabinet refacing,we can take those tired old oak cabinets, and give you the shiny new white kitchen you’ve been dreaming about! You’ll get all […]

Ask the Basement and Concrete Repair Expert – Jamon Selinger

After ten years in the industry, JS Basement Works can pride themselves in being the largest basement repair company in Regina. When opening in 2005, owner JamonSelinger made the business goal for his company to build JS Basement Works on trust, quality, affordability and customer satisfaction. Staying true to his goal, Selinger’s company has grown […]

Ask the Veterinary Services Expert – Dr. Bath

What Might Cause My Dog to Have Skin Problems? One of the following may be causing an abnormality with your dog’s skin and should be investigated: Fleas: Bites and droppings from these pesky insects can irritate your dog’s skin, and some pets can have an allergic response to the saliva following a bite. Some dogs […]

Ask the Blind Expert – Anita LaLonde

Silhouette® window shadings Featuring the Signature S-Vanes™, Silhouette® window shadings transform sunlight into remarkable beauty.  Suspended between two sheers, the fabric vanes offer precise lighting control.  When fully raised, Silhouette shadings disappear into the fabric-covered headrail.  Available in 2”, 3” and the Quartette® 4” vane size.   Silhouette® window shadings offer enhanced child and pet […]

Ask the Real Estate Expert – Kim Oberthier

Each year many of us set resolutions for the new year as a way of getting our lives back on track.  And yes, each year many of us fail.  However I am a huge fan of ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’.  Here are a few different resolutions that I think are pretty easy to achieve: Be […]

Ask the Compounding Expert – Andy Gilbertson

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, mass production of drugs began. Prior to this industrialization, all pharmacists were trained in the art of compounding, and the majority of medications were made right in the pharmacy from raw materials. Mass production allowed for a large amount of medications to be made in an industrial plant, rather than […]

Ask the Independent Living Expert – Jeff Beer

If you don’t have to wear a plain uniform, you’re faced with a sea of color choices and style options when you go scrubs shopping. Do you ever get confused about what goes with what? “The Scrubs Boutique” at Independent Living is here to help you not only match your scrubs outfits, but we’re taking […]

Ask the Flooring Expert – Michael Richard

DuraCeramic – the Flooring Industry’s Original and Best Luxury Tile! Designed to overcome the negatives of ceramic tile and stone Warmer under foot Not as hard, easier on the feet Crack and impact resistant Faster installation No need for special installation tools like wet saws No need for special underlayments or setting materials   Available […]

Ask the Window, Door and Renovation Expert – Jason Zaphe

Why you should hire a pro to finish your basement. Everyone’s looking to save a buck or two when it comes to home improvements, but when it involves finishing your basement, saving money in favor of some DIY techniques might not be the best idea. “When I go to a job where a homeowner is […]

Ask the Electrical Expert – Russel Fossum

Residential Services Our construction electricians at Fossum Electric can handle anything from the smallest repair to large home renovations. Whatever the reason is that you need electrical work done, you can trust our professionally trained team to handle all of your residential or commercial electrical needs.   We are the only Saskatchewan Electrician Offering Specials on […]

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